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  1. New Blog looks great. Blessings to you.

  2. May this site be a blessing to others as it is to yourself! Go Judy!

  3. I am enjoying your new site much. Keep up the good work. I am praying it be used as encouragement for many,, and sharing the site with others. Love ya, girl!!! Janet Walker

    • Great to have you Jan. Stay tuned for there will be others who will post that you can encourage. God bless you.

  4. Yes! I feel it is time do as Mozes did. He went to a tent, to meet God, en He came to talk with Mozes. He is looking for people to talk to.

    • Good to have you join with this endeavor Ineke! šŸ™‚

  5. awesome and encouraging

    • Hi Bev…it is my prayer that we all become more and more aware of His Presence and what it really means to us on a day to day basis and how it will impact the world around us. We are all blessed that you are going to come alongside all of us. Praise the Lord!

  6. I pray your new site will encourage many in the Lord. I was a student several years ago of ICIT. It was some of the best studies I have ever done, I would encourage anyone to at least study the one on Humility. We all need it SO much !!!!!! May God Bless and keep.

    • Hi Pastor;
      I look forward to praying together. I am certain you will have many things to share as situations come up. God bless

      • Where R U Good PEOPLE

        I was moved to tears today as I paid a visit to my second client this morning in Bujumbura Burundi…
        In the middle of my service to the client, we were interrupted by a lady who walked in with a prescription, the moment the lady heard that I was from Nairobi, and marketing medicine, she pleaded with me to help her…
        I did not know what kind of help she needed, so I took a heavy breath, then listened carefully wondering if I was really able to help in whatever kind of problem it was.
        Of course, I was marketing medicine……and she was desperately looking for medicine for her son, 16 years old, which she and her husband, have not been able to raise for the last two months… The kid has lived on medication since he was born… 16YEARS OF STRUGGLE!!!!!
        The son was diagnosed as anemic since birth and has to get 20 inj of Desferal 50mg in a month, which was prescribed in India, where he had been taken to seek further medical attention, and his condition declared chronic. ( This costs about 300usd for the medicines only, and the parents aren’t well able)
        The boy lives on this medicine(20 Inj), and blood transfusion twice a month.
        They have been ordering the medicine in advance from India, but due to some circumstances surrounding them, they were not able to get it in advance this time round. The parents have been trying to look for the medicine all over Burundi, and it could not be found. So coming to me was like, ‘you have to get us a solution’. They went out after they explained to me, and I promised to make every effort to assist them to get it from Kenya, if at all there is any. But little did I know, that they had gone to bring the boy for me to see him. They came and urged me to go and see the boy in the car just about four metres from the clinic. I took a heavy breath again, and asked God to give me strength. Then I walked to the car as I composed myself.
        There the boy sat, in the back seat of the car, he looked like a child suffering from malnutrition, swollen stomach, and unable to walk due to painful joints. I noticed the parents were Muslims. But I believe Jesus did not die for the righteous, but came to set the captives free.
        The boy stretched his hand with a lot struggle as an indication of pain, to greet me. I stretched mine and held him. I could feel the blood ticking from his middle figure as the heart beat. I held him for a while and as I said a word of prayer for healing on him, and I left him feeling pain in my heart, went to the clinic and made all the calls I could in Nairobi, looking for the medicine for him. Finally, I managed to get it from Nairobi Hospital. The medicine was to be send to the clinic thru DHL from Nairobi Hospital.
        Praised God for that.
        If you are healthy, wake up and PRAISE God, and…DO NOT FORGET TO PRAY FOR THOSE THAT ARE SUFFERING!!
        Your prayer could mean a lot to someone who may not even have the strength or voice to call on God!!!
        And if you are able to stretch your hand further….Please do so!!!!!!(financially)

      • Esther, thank you for sharing some of your day with us. It is often hard for us to imagine the place where you are. I am a healthcare provider here in USA and I often see patients/PEOPLE like this who are in great need. I have been to Kenya twice in the past two years and have ministered to many and seen the poverty and suffering within this country and recognize that it is seen in almost every country of Africa. I give God thanks every day for the blessings He has given to me in the physical realm, but also how He daily provides my “food for life” (spiritual). There are many of us who have opened our hands financially to those in countires with less (for example: Ras and his ministry team (he is one who is praying with us) helping hundreds of children in the Philippines); but there are still always going to be the poor, the widows, the orphans, and the sick. HOWEVER, we serve a GOD WHO IS ABLE … He sent this young man to you. His parents saw your effort of love and they will NOT forget. YES, Jesus did come to set the captives free and He placed you where you needed to be this morning. He also ensured the boy received his medicine through the effort and compassion you showed and God touched the hearts of this family with His love…through you. His GLORY manifested in ACTION for His glory. It was nothing you could do on your own; you were His chosen vessel…Hallelujah!

        “Lord, I thank You for Esther, for placing within her a heart filled with compassion and love for others. I thank You for allowing Esther the opportunity to release Your Glory into this family who may not know who You are. I pray Father for this family right now and ask that You will meet them in their area of need in such a way that only You will receive the glory and honor. I thank You, Lord for already confirming Your great love towards all of us as we go forward with You guiding us, teaching us , and SHOWING us WHO YOU ARE! God use Esther more every day and in such a way that will amaze her; that she will look with EXPECTANCY to what You are going to do in the next moment! šŸ™‚ Thank You Lord!”

        God bless and keep you, my sister.

  7. Thanks
    God bless you mightly and may he daily place us where we ought to be doing his work and keep us alert in the spirit

  8. Please pray for me to be emotionally healed, so I could move forward and not be taken advantage of by other people. I keep having setbacks in my walk with the Lord and no support from the church. Please don’t post this on forum, keep it private for now. Thanks and many blessings to you Hoping to hear from you soon.

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