Posted by: dailywordofdestiny | February 1, 2011

DAILY PROVISION From A Community Kitchen

“YoFeeding the Homeless & Pooru, O God, provide from Your goodness to the poor”

On any given day, you could potentially lose every possession (physical, emotional, spiritual, fiancial).  What would you do if it was this day?  All of us have gifts, ability, and some free time to reach out to others…are you doing what you can to help those around you who need the help right now?


  1. There are lots of young girls coming in and lots of opportunities for volunteer work at H.O.P.E. Clinic in Benton, Ky. It is very rewarding when I get to talk to a young girl who is having a pregnancy test and is scared & feeling like she is all messed up. I get to tell her that Jesus still loves her & is right there willing and ready to forgive, ready to take her in His arms and love her the way she is…just like she is. I made so many mistakes in my teen years, and later too, and it is just really neat to get to share with the ladies coming in here that God’s mercies are new every morning & help in any way we can. It matters!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing H.O.P.E. with us Kathy! 🙂 It is very important that the local people know what resources and help there is available in each of our respective communities. I believe that there will be even greater need of everyone reaching out to help each other in the tougher times ahead.

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