Posted by: dailywordofdestiny | August 14, 2011

In The Shadow Of The Almighty

 “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their prayer…”  (1 Peter 3: 12)       

My Praying Mother

       Do you KNOW that the prayers  of someone have helped to bring you to where you are in your spiritual journey?  My mother prayed and is praying for me every day and it was through her prayers and her faith that I am where I am in Christ today. 

In July, 2011 my mom had a severe heart attack.  God allowed me time to be with her in the early days of her recovery.  One morning (about 5: 30) I was sitting with her as she read her Bible.  She fell asleep while reading and I took this pictue.  I believe God’s Presence IS PEACE and that He NEVER leaves or forsakes His own.  

Do you know peace like this?  Are you praying in faith for others?



  1. The Holy Spirit at work!
    Richard Lutes

    • Hi Richard;
      It is great to know someone is ALIVE out there! 🙂
      I just heard a message on the GLORY and releasing of the GLORY that is WITHIN each of us who have experienced the “new birth” (reborn into/through Christ).
      By FAITH we need to press in and experience first hand His glory (power) over death, disease, and decay and this INNER KNOWING of the TRUTH of WHO we HAVE indwelling us as believers will INDEED set us free…we can release God’s glory (power) for God’s glory and the world will take note! I am excited about what God has given us through Christ (LIFE) and what He will have us doing in the near future. God bless.

  2. Hi Judy! I’m crying. (in a good way!) I’ve been crying out to God over here for brothers and sisters to join together to press in for His Glory and some days simply to keep going! We have a ministry in Northern Thailand, about 35 minutes from the Burmese border and 40 minutes from Laos. We’re a small ministry doing training and releasing of Thai missionaries. We also minister Hope and Healing to missionaries who have experienced a bit of burn-out and simply need a rest. We have an awesome prayer room right on site and we also run an English Academy up here in Chiang Rai Province. I’ve been in Thailand for almost nine years now!

    THANK YOU for being obedient.

    I’m looking forward to this journey!

    • Julie,
      It is so good to hear from you and to know you will be part of this global team of prayer warriors! The battle cry has gone out and we already KNOW we have the victory through Christ…we go in His glory, His fragrance goes before us, drawing people to Him.
      There are many out there who share in what you are feeling and praying for, yet do not want to appear “weak, lacking in faith, etc.” so they don’t share. God wants transparency in all of us which means NO FEAR in letting others KNOW where we truly are in our spiritual journey. IT IS A HARD ROAD at times. There will then be many who will come up alongside those hurting, discouraged, etc. and they will do what Aaron and Hur did for Moses…they lifted and held up his arms until the battle was won!!! 🙂
      I look forward to standing with you in this battle in the spiritual realm in order to behold the manifestation of God’s GLORY (LIFE) in the physical world we live in for His honor and glory!

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