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Everlasting Joy

The Lord would say unto you, unto me:   “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it flow the springs of life.  Put far from you pointless and perverse speech.  Let your eyes look straight ahead.  Go forward unafraid…that is your direction!  Forget the past, stretch out beyond your capacity, reach toward the high calling to which I have called you.  Strive for mastery and perfection.  Have a single eye toward Me; let there be no darkness in you.  Illuminate the place in which you work, stand, and walk.  Do not feel I have called you to something unattainable, for I make all things possible.  It is not through rushing, striving, or busyness that it is possible but through My power…and your availability.”

A few weeks ago I felt that it was time to try and get a free clinic into operation in the county where we live.  The clinic would be in place to provide free health care for the working poor; for those who are doing their best to make it without relying on government assistance.  I prayed about it and began doing some of the preliminary things and THEN GOD took over!  Not once have I felt overburdened with the mundane tasks that needed to be done and I want to publically declare that God did it all!  In just this short time frame the city council, county officials, hospital board, and many volunteers have joined in with their support of this project.  We were given a building which was a clinic that was vacant and it is perfect for what is being proposed.  I believe and proclaim that this clinic will be up and running before the year is over and I give God all the glory and praise!

I have come to realize over the years I have been serving Him, that He is faithful to His promises.  He is there for any of you who dare to believe and stand in your faith!  TRUST HIM!

Vestal Goodman sings “Born to Serve the Lord”.  The words to the song echo my personal testimony and  I pray it will speak into your heart through the message it brings:


  1. I completely agree. This is also what the Lord has been impressing on me and others I have spoken with.
    It’s really ALL about Him, Jesus, His power and our availability.

    We are the only bible some people will ever read, so let your light shine.

    • Hi Ken!
      Yes, and it is amazing to me how many are watching us as individuals and as part of the body of Christ. Therefore, “He MUST increase, but I must decrease” (John 3: 30) is VERY TRUE. God bless you.

  2. Your words in the blog are beautiful scriptural and refreshing, thank you. Rev. Polley

    • Hi Tim!
      To God be the glory. Glad to have you as a reader. I pray the weekly (sometimes more often) blogs continue to bless and encourage you! 🙂

    • God’s Word is TRUTH and it just NEVER grows old; it refreshes me whenever I read it. I truly am BORN TO SERVE HIM and I am certain you are as well. God bless you.

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