Posted by: dailywordofdestiny | June 8, 2012


Seeking God First

This morning I re-read the first three chapters of Genesis and God brought up some points I want to share.  Please read the chapters and ask Holy Spirit to give you new revelation in the words as you meditate on them. 

It is a fact that people do not settle down to think about the world in which they find themselves, or about life in general.  That is why the Bible says, “O that they are wise, they would consider their end.”  I also want to assure you that the devil sees to it that people will waste their time thinking mainly about unimportant things.  It is why you must ask yourself the following eight questions:  (1) Where do I come from?  (2) Who am I?  (3) Why am I here?  (4) What happens when I die?  (5) Where am I now?  (6) What do I see?  (7) When the Son of Man comes, shall He find faith in me?  (8) Will I be made whole?  If, as a Christian, you have never pondered these questions, then you need serious prayers because they are indeed serious eternal issues.   Over the next few articles, I will consider each one of the questions and ask that you seriously consider them as they relate to your personal life.

Where do I come from?    Have you ever thought of that?  Where is your origin?  Many people do not think much about their roots.  It is certain that somebody who does not know where he is coming from, would not know what he wants in this life and the hereafter.  It is unsatisfactory if you answer this question with, ‘I don’t know.’  The Bible makes it clear that God created you and I (read Genesis 1: 26, 27; 2: 7; Psalm 8: 4-6).  These verses tell us that man was created by God, but a time came when he lost all the glory of God and got himself into big trouble.  So, no matter how great man is, his physical body is just dust.  The Lord told him, “Dust thou art and unto the dust thou shall return.”  It is only the spirit of man that goes back to God. 

So, the next time you feel like boasting, remember, you are just dust; nothing more, nothing less.  Whether you are rich or poor, unto dust you shall return.  We came from God and that is where we must compulsorily go back to unless we are rebels and do not want to go back to Him.

A song has stayed with me all this day and I pray it will bless you as it does me.


  1. Good words, sis, There’s so much to think about and worship our God for.

    Good to have you back, Blessings, bro ken

    • Thanks Ken…It is true…WE MUST WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH! God bless you.

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