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Dragonfly (or Butterfly) Effect

A Sign of Caution

The Lord has been directing me to write about this since I went to Africa at the end of May.  It started there and when I came home He nudged me again and then in Canada a few weeks ago and finally two days ago.  It is a very strange message and yet in my spirit I know I am to write it.  I believed I was to write about the dragonfly until today and then found it was only the “tool” Holy Spirit used to get me to the Scripture He wanted me to present to the Body of believers and also to any who may not yet know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Please take time to read Ezekiel, chapters 1- 3,  for this is the passage that The Lord is speaking to us today.

When I was in Africa it was the rainy season, yet at the times it was drier I saw an abundance of dragonflies.  Their unusual red wings caught my attention as well as their numbers.  When I got back home, I saw more than ususal on my daily walks and I briefly wondered about it as it was hot and dry here.  In Canada, I was once again amazed at their numbers and yet it was wet and cool there.  I began thinking about the dragonflies off and on and I asked the Lord if He was trying to tell me something.  Two days ago I saw several and a couple of them lighted onto my arm.  I knew then I was supposed to write something about this, so I looked up the “symbolic” meaning of this interesting insect.

Some highlights:  their compound eyes give them a 360 degree view of the world around them, limited mostly to movement; they can hover (even in strong headwinds) because they have two pairs of wings; they can fly in all different directions, including reverse because their wings are not jointed and can be moved independently from one another; some people believe they that they can fly between dimensions, and that they are messengers of dreams; some say they can be a ‘sign’ of caution, that something in your life is either hidden or the truth is being kept from you; their colors are a result of  reflecting and refracting  the power of light, that they represent new light and joy.  They can be reminders that we are light and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we choose to do so.  Dragonflies are generally thought to represent freedom.

Dragonfly Effect (redirected me to the Butterfly Effect and the Chaos Theory) was coined by Edward Lorenz around 1969 and it can be observed in the math of quantum physics.  As this is way beyond me, I asked a sister in Christ, who has her degree in Quantum Physics, if she would give us a simple defintion of what this effect actually means.  Her response was:  “With the right converging circumstances, a SMALL EFFECT can produce LARGE RESULTS… either good or chaotic”.   Apparently it is the flap of the wings that is part of the initial conditions; one set of conditions leads to a tornado while the other set doesn’t.  The flapping wing represents the small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale alterations of events. 

Immortal God addressed Ezekiel by calling him, son of man, emphasizing the distance between them.  It is amazing that God chooses to work His divine will on earth through finite, imperfect beings.  We are made from the dust of the ground, yet God chose to place within us His life and breath and to ask us to serve Him.  Ezekiel was called to give God’s message to the people, whether they would listen or not. 

The measure of Ezekiel’s success would not be how well the people responded, but how well he obeyed God and fulfilled God’s purpose for him.    God called the people “obstinate and stubborn” because they refused to admit their sin.  REBELLIOUSNESS was the nation’s primary characteristic in Ezekiel’s time (as it is now).  Even when God pointed out their wrongdoing, the people ignored the truth.  God gave Ezekiel (you and me) the responsibility  of presenting His message (Gospel) to ungrateful and abusive people. 

Sometimes we must be the “flapping wings”, sharing our faith  with all types of people.  As the Lord told Ezekiel, He is telling us today, “Do not be afraid.  Speak My words and see what I will do!”   Our prayers are also like “flapping wings”…a small thing to do, but they will cause LARGE SCALE good results, in Jesus name! 



    This is a prayer request and a praise report. Our Honduran team has been helping in training events for about a year and a half, but always with our North American Missionary team taking the lead. Our goal has been to get the Hondurans to do the training completely on their own. They have done smaller training events, but this week was to be a major training event. None of the North Americans are with them. They are truly flying solo!

    So the day before it was scheduled to begin, they encountered a wide variety of obstacles, that threatened to derail the event. We put out the word for prayer and God has moved. The obstacles were surmounted, the training happened, and there was breakthrough. The team is encouraged, and the people trained in Church Planting Movement strategy are excited. AND the door has opened for 3 more training events to be done, the first being started at the end of this week.

    Please pray for the last day of the current training, Monday the 27th, and for the next training event which will then be on Thursday or Friday this week, through next Sunday-Monday.

    The training team is : Adiel, Jacobo, Mario, Daniel, Carlos, and Oscar.

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