Posted by: dailywordofdestiny | June 19, 2013

SONSHIP: Part Three


“Surely none of the men that came up out of Egypt, from twenty years old and upward, shall see the land…And the Lord’s anger was kindled against Israel, and He made them wander in the wilderness forty years, until all the generation, that had done evil in the sight of the LORD, was consumed” (Numbers 32: 11-13). And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in” (Isaiah 58: 12).

This lesson is FOUNDATIONAL for the next couple messages. It may be a bit tedious; hang in there! I pray that God will use these words to prepare your hearts to receive ALL that He has for you and for those you are called to minister to.

I want to suggest possible meanings to three different numerals that will be important to this series of messages. The first is “eleven”. You don’t see this number in Scripture very often (about 38 times). What may be more important than the numeral 11 is the number that comes before it and after it. Eleven is more than 10 (which can mean complete order); it is also less than 12 (which can mean Divine government). Therefore, I suggest that ELEVEN signifies: disorder, imperfection, and incompleteness of “earthly” government. Some examples in Scripture can be found in (Exodus 26: 7; Deuteronomy 1: 12; Joshua 15: 51; 2 Kings 23: 36; 24: 18; Matthew 20: 6; 28: 16; Acts 1: 26).

The second numeral is “ten” and it often represents the beginning of a new SERIES/CYCLE. The number ten can be used to suggest the perfection of Divine order, but along with this order is an implication of the “responsibility” of man. I see TEN as meaning: man’s responsibility toward God. An example is found in Genesis 1 and the words “God said” occurs ten times and each time it addresses man’s responsibility in the presence of God’s Word. Other examples in Scripture are in Exodus 20 (Ten Commandments); and in Matthew 13, 22, and 25 (Ten parables of the Kingdom).

Finally, the numeral “twelve” denotes SOVEREIGNTY and speaks of Divine government on the earth. It symbolizes governmental perfection and we KNOW the world is desperately in need of that! In Matthew 19: 28 the LORD predicts a day when He, the Son of Man, shall sit in the throne of His GLORY (sets my feet to dancing) and He promises that His apostles “shall sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.” Revelation 21 describes “that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from GOD” (vs. 10); with its 12 gates, 12 angels, 12 names of tribes, 12 foundations, 12 precious stones, names of 12 apostles, and its measurement each way 12 thousand furlongs: all symbolic of the Divine and perfect government of Jesus Christ and all His glorified saints over creation (Luke 22: 28-30)! Hallelujah!

All of you are familiar with what is written in Leviticus and Numbers, correct? In Numbers 1: 1-3 the LORD told Moses to take a poll of the children of Israel according to their house (tribe). He was specific in who was to be counted and why: every MALE from TWENTY years old and upward would be eligible for draft into the armies of Israel. By this information, I am assuming that any person younger than twenty was considered a child/youth. In the Strong’s Concordance the meaning of “youth” (Hebrew – “na’ar”): is a boy, from the age of infancy to adolescence (in USA today that is about 1 – 13); also, a girl (of similar latitude in age). Those younger than 20 years were probably not considered “vital” to the “whole of the community.” I do not see that this has changed significantly over time; even within the “western world view.” The children, women, and elderly are the “voiceless” in many societies of the world and I include the CHURCH COMMUNITY in this as well! Today we still look to those male warriors from 20 – 60 years of age (give or take a couple years) as the driving force within any social system. They are seen as productive and valuable within any given generation. Interestingly, the numeral TWENTY (Hebrew – “asar; ashar”) in the Strong’s Concordance means to accumulate; to grow (caus. make) rich.

I believe God has given me a specific revelation regarding the value of those seen as “weaker or insignificant” in the world view (1 Corinthians 1: 19-25). It may not be a new or profound revelation to some of you, as God is faithful in showing all of us the end from the beginning. However, since God put this into my spirit, I have been looking with “altered vision” at various group dynamics that function around me in day to day life. I am perhaps seeing some things from HIS eyes and I am very EXCITED about what He IS DOING and WILL CONTINUE to do throughout the next several months.

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