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“To You, Father”

‘Father, I need you
I want to climb onto Your lap
And lean my head on Your shoulder
So that I can feel Your warmth, hear Your heartbeat
And as Your arms enfold me, reassurance will fill my soul.

Father, I feel Your peace
As I cling to You and listen to Your words of comfort
Knowing You love me and that You will never leave me
I rejoice and my heart swells with praise
I realize that I am beautiful and precious in Your sight.’

“Yet, O LORD, You are our Father, we are the clay, You are the potter; we are the work of Your hand. You fashioned me in Your likeness and knew everything about me before I was born; even knowing the exact time I would be born! You know the number of hairs on my head, when I sit down, or when I rise up. You know all my ways Father, even what my thoughts are before I speak. You are always with me Father. You know everything I am going through and when I will be going through it; you lift me out of the mud and mire and set my feet on firm ground. You are able to do anything Father; I am so glad I am Your daughter for nothing is impossible for You!” (Isaiah 64: 8; Genesis1: 27 & Ephesians 1: 11-12; Psalm 139: 1; Jeremiah 1: 4,5; Hebrews 10: 29-31; Acts 17: 26; Psalm 94: 11; Joshua 1: 5; Psalm 40: 2; Ephesians 3: 20; Luke 18: 27)

When we were preparing to go home to Canada this summer, I asked my heavenly Father to give me His assurance that all we were planning and doing was what He wanted. I asked Him to reveal Himself to me in such a way that I would have no doubt of His presence, protection, and favor over us on the journey there and back. We were on our way to Canada and were somewhere in Wyoming when we saw large dark clouds moving in ahead of us. There were many bolts of lightning throughout the sky, but as we drew ever closer, I noticed a rainbow forming to the left of the storm. Its colors continued to brighten and the rainbow spread across the sky and then suddenly, I saw the second one beginning to form. As I took the picture I thought of the beauty of God reflected in the rainbow! Also, we only had enough rain to clean the dust off our vehicle.

Six days later we were taking my son back to his place. We saw large black, ominous clouds forming in the distance. There was one particular cloud that had a smoky yellow color to it and the outside temperature was getting notably cooler. I suggested the possibility of its being filled with hail and when we got nearer to this cloud cover, we noticed that many cars were stopped and that there were piles of ice along the shoulders of the highway. We had narrowly missed being pelted by hail! As we drove on I looked off to the right and there was a huge and brilliantly colored rainbow and it was faintly spanning the sky. I pointed it out to my son and husband and as they were looking, a second one began to form. My heart sang as I recognized my Father was taking the time to me His handiwork (Psalm 19: 1); this was the second rainbow in the space of a few days!

About a week later, we were driving back to my parent’s home after a wonderful day of fellowship with them. They live in the flat, treeless prairies of Alberta so you can see a hundred miles or so with no view interruption! In the far distance the sky was very dark and the closer we got to their home, the blacker the clouds were. As we drove through a small community south of their place, the wind gusts blew toys, garbage, etc. from nearby yards and deposited them across the highway in front of us. The rain began to fall. I looked ahead and THERE in the sky above us was a brilliant rainbow that extended all across the sky. I pointed it out to my parents and my husband looked at it in disbelief (Ephesians 3: 20)! My parents were excited as they had never seen a rainbow when the clouds were still black and rolling. I just PRAISED my Father and with great JOY I thanked Him for the assurance of His presence as the second rainbow began to form (Psalm 37: 4; Philippians 2: 3)! Hallelujah!

God was not done; He never gets tired of blessing His children. 🙂 On our way back home, we were passing through Kansas. Yes, you guessed it! Up ahead I saw the rain coming down and noted that there were few dark clouds but the sun was shining in and around the few there were. I looked up and saw the most magnificent, brightly colored rainbow I have ever seen and it was a FULL rainbow; from one side of the sky to the other and YES, the second one was also present! I was filled with such a feeling of deep love and gratitude that my Father, for the FOURTH time on this journey, revealed His love for me through the gift of His creation (Jeremiah 32: 40; 33: 4; Matthew 7: 11; James 1: 17; 1 John 4: 16; 1 John 3: 1)!

Never forget that we have a Father whose very essence is “LOVE” and I want to tell you today, it is the enemy who makes us feel unworthy, worthless, untouchable, rejected, abandoned, friendless, unlovable, etc. God says, “I am a perfect Father; I am your provider and I meet all your needs; I love you with an EVERLASTING love; I rejoice over you with singing; My thoughts toward you are countless as the sand on the seashore; for YOU are My treasured possession” (Matthew 5: 48; 6: 31-33; Jeremiah 31: 3; Zephaniah 3: 17; Psalm 139: 17,18; Exodus 19: 5).

Since this time three years ago, my father has died and my mother is in a home for the elderly. I treasure the special moments God gave to all of us on this final trip we made. As I re-read this message, it brought a deep joy to my heart and I continue to give my Father thanks for His love and blessing in all things!

God's Blessing

God’s Blessing


  1. awesome, is our Father

    • Hi Esther! Yes, we serve a God Who is very awesome. It is good to hear from you again. Pray you continue to keep your eyes focused on Jesus; He will be returning very soon!

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