Posted by: dailywordofdestiny | November 28, 2014


why me3

I was able to spend a week with my sister, who had lost her husband in a tragic accident last August. She is still filled with so much anger and such a deep sense of loss and as I was praying for her, God opened His thoughts to me about her situation and the many who are like her… I title this: “WHY ME?” and then must ask, “WHY NOT ME?”

For all of us ‘believers’ we will surely ask, ‘Okay, God, why did You make this happen in my life?’ I don’t necessarily see these as words of anger, but of anguish in the soul. I don’t really see them as a turning away from God, as much as I see it as a turning toward God. The words the person is thinking, or what they speak are really saying, “Please explain this to me, Lord. Why is this happening to me? It doesn’t fit with anything I understand about You.” She/ or you are simply trying to make sense of the situation you face.

I believe Psalm 22 is a wonderful place to begin recognizing where each of us are in the times of darkness. For even Jesus went through a darkness so great I cannot even begin to comprehend it. “My God, My God, WHY have You abandoned Me? Why are You so far when I groan for help?” The Psalm goes on, ‘Every day I call to You, My God, but You do not answer. Every night You hear My voice, but I have no relief. Yet, You are holy.’

I see this same calling out to God in my sister’s life and, from time to time, my own personal life. In fact, all of us have been or will be in this place! Although the Psalms provide enlightenment that others have been where you now are, they don’t provide any solution. However, they do point out that there is a positive ending and it is one of adoration. For each one who calls and asks of the Lord, tends to end up in victory as they are able to take focus off the problem and look upon God and His divine promises.

During these times of intense grief, despair, and discouragement, God will often remain silent. He may never explain, never give a reason, and never justify anything to you. Even if He did, would that satisfy you? I do not think so. Basically we just want to get back to how we felt or were prior to our loss. Truly we are really wanting God to comfort us, wanting His assurance of His care for us, and wanting to know that God is there with you.

Often, we are forced by His silence to look within. To a time of self-examination and gradually, God gives us understanding of why we are in ‘that place’ and who we are in Him. Truly, each step we take through our time of darkness takes us one step closer to Light.

To all who may feel they are in this place; I encourage you to daily look to Jesus and to never lose HOPE in Him. He will not leave you and He holds you in His hand. Bless the Lord oh my soul….

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