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7 Churches of revelation

The Lord recently drew my attention back to the Revelation of John while he was imprisoned on the Island of Patmos. I was going through some photos I had taken while in Turkey in 2013 and they brought me to the geographical areas of these these churches in Biblical days. The ruins helped me to understand the culture of that day and also made me realize that some things never change throughout the passage of time. I have been prompted by Holy Spirit to write again about each of these churches and of course the people who make a church what it is both then and into today. I will endeavor to do one church each week over the following seven weeks and trust they will give you a deeper understanding of then and now and how the messages to the churches relate to your own personal relationship with the Lord.

When you read Revelation chapters 2 and 3, it’s important to see there are four applications to the messages:

1. Each message was given to the seven churches as originally addressed. And these churches were in existence in Asia at the time of the revelation. Many other churches existed in Asia at the same time, but the churches selected were representative of the spiritual conditions which existed at that time.

2. The message can also be applied historically. According to history, the Church has passed through eras similar to that which is described in each of the seven churches.

3. These messages can be applied to current churches of today. These special messages were written to the specific churches in Asia but the same strengths and weaknesses can be found in today’s Body of Christ (the Church).

4. The messages can be applied to each of us on an individual basis. Look at the messages for each church during that time and ask yourself how you measure up personally today.

These messages were written by John in 95 AD when the Church of Jesus Christ was about 66 years old. The church had experienced tremendous growth despite intense persecution. Under the rule of Rome, records show over 45,000 Christians were slain by crucifixion, burned to death and thrown to wild animals. In addition, corruption was springing up in the Church. When John wrote the messages to the seven churches, many believers were afraid about an unsure future. They were afraid of being strong enough to stand up to adversities that they would be facing and if they could endure the persecution. To these early Christians Jesus gave his end time plan through these messages.

John was told to write what he saw in a book and send that book to the 7 churches in Asia (Rev. 1 v.11). The entire Book of Revelation which includes the special messages to those 7 churches, was sent to those churches and a blessing was pronounced upon all who would read, hear, and keep the words contained in this prophecy. Jesus wanted believers to know that He knew exactly where they were. He saw their good works, faithfulnes, and patience in the face of persecution. He also saw the bad which included their compromise, apostasy, indifference, and lukewarmness (Apostasy). He wanted them to know that despite persecution from without and corruption from within, He stood in their midst as a Mighty Conqueror and that through Him they too could overcome.

Christ’s purpose in sending those messages to the seven churches was to empower believers to overcome the enemy. His purpose was to rise up His people in victory, to make them strong. When we take the mask off, we see that today’s Church in its present condition is not ready for Christ’s return.

That’s why Christ is again walking in the midst of His people preparing His Bride for His coming. By His Spirit, He is stirring us out of our complacency. He is revealing and reproving sin, calling us to repentance, bringing us to a new, stronger position of dedication and commitment, and releasing a fresh anointing of His Spirit upon us.

As Jesus walks in our midst, He knows our individual and corporate strengths and weaknesses. His message to us today is the same as it was to the seven churches in Asia: “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.”

As we study the messages given to each of these churches, open your spirit to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to you. Ask God to reveal any problems that need to be dealt within your life. Yield yourself fully to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to purge anything from your life that is displeasing to Him. God bless you on this journey into becoming all He has created you to be!

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