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Mercy In His Shadow

When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd (Matthew 9: 36).  And the word of the Lord came again to Zechariah:  “This is what the Lord Almighty says,  administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another.  Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor.  In your hearts do not think evil of each other” (Zechariah 7: 8-10).
Mercy is about being compassionate in word or in deed through divine grace.  When God designs mercy, He stirs up prayer.  He will be sought and thanks be to His name, He may be sought and will not reject the intercession of the poorest.
Last night I had a dream about a son who was chained to drugs.  He had given up trying to stop using and decided the only way out was in death.  I was to be there with him until he died.  I wept and my heart felt as if it was breaking as I watched him laying there.  But the drug didn’t have the effect intended so he left to go to get more.  I followed him and there were many at the house he’d gone to.  While I waited for a young girl to go get him from a room in the back of the house, a child came up to me and began talking.  I asked him his name and he said, “I can’t tell you because it is a secret in this place.”  As dreams go, I realized I was not going to be allowed to leave; that I would have to fight my way through this small boy, through the young girls, and through the many men I had seen in order to get my son out of there.  That is all I rememebered.
When my husband came home from work this AM I retold the dream.  He said, “That is strange; I had a young 15 year old present in emergency who was having real trouble due to effects of smoking synthetic marijuana.”
I have written all this because I feel it is an area we need to pray into.  The use of drugs (Khat or mirra, methamphetamine, synthetic marijuana or K2, Spice; hydrocarbons like glue, gasoline, paint), alcohol, and hundreds of perscription drugs in all societies and cultures is a very BIG idol; one of Satan’s greatest delusions.  Being able to obtain drugs becomes the obsession for the person using it, selling it, and it affects all of us because they promote epidemic immorality.  Drugs STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY!  When we pray we need to take a stand against the devil’s schemes; that we are not warring with flesh and blood, but against the powers and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  For many people around the world, drugs can be the means to ward off all kinds of things from hunger pain, loneliness, abandonment, feelings of rejection and being unloved, depression, anxiety, poverty (encouraging sale of drugs), self-hatred, etc.  But we KNOW it is JESUS they need to fill up this internal/spiritual emptiness and God KNOWS the best way to reach each and every one of them.
“In Jesus name, I bind the spirit of pharmecia and I release Your glory into the lives of those affected in some way through this demonic spirit.  Lord, by whatever method or through whom ever You choose to use (even me) … deliver all who are bound by drug use and set them free!  Thank You Lord and all glory be unto You for those lives who have chains being broken off them right this moment!” Amen.
Please add your prayers to this and let us know of things Holy Spirit is nudging you to pray for.


  1. Huge Amen in agreement to your prayer.

    Bill has been free for about a month, was by here today and we talked about his intent to stay drug free and i told him that now his intent has to be matched by actions. The only way to do this is to deny “self” (which hates God) and follow the Spirit of Jesus and He will fight the battle for you, in His strength He will help us to overcome our weakness.
    All praise and glory be to our God

  2. Good word, it was definitely for me. I have an adult son who is backslidden who is addicted to alcohol and maybe some other drug, He lives in (NYC) I have been praying for him for a long time.Also, I’m a substance abuse counselor and I haven’t worked for several years due to back problems. But, recently I sent my resume to a Christian rehab for a job, I feel like it’s my time to go back to work and I’m trusting God to give me direction I’m standing on the word that I’m healed. Please pray for me and my son.May God bless you.

    • He hears the prayers of the righteous (Prov 15: 29) and I stand in agreement with His word of truth. There is a DIVINE appointment ahead for your son. There is such great need for substance abuse counselors and what better place to work than where Christ is at the Center! (Luke 4: 18,19). Praise God! I agree for continued healing of your back and stand with you on the promise of God (Mark 11: 22-25). The door open in opportunity for something great and that He will use you as His Ambassador and vessel of honor. 🙂

  3. I stand in greement with you and others that the spirit of pharmacia be broken off my son and and others tonight and that Father God would put Godly people in their path and remove him from evil influences.

  4. Thank You Jesus, that You came to set the captives free! I ask You Lord to bless Beverly’s back. Holy Spirit come, and deliver her from pain. Back I command you to be be straight and strong! Bless this family.

    Lord I pray for the identity of children. They have a name! I pray your destiny over them. That they know, they are loved by You. Shine with Your light in there thinking. That they will know the truth, and reveil the lies they believe in.
    Thank You Lord, in Jesus Name

    • I agree for their need for Christ and then the recognition of their “identiy in Christ” to be revealed to the children all around the world. I pray 2 Corinthians 4: 3, 4 over ANY who have “eyes blinded” by the god of this age, in Jesus name.

  5. I stand in agreement in this prayer, as I have a sweet sister in Yeshua who married a man that was an addict first to alcohol and was released from that bondage only to switch addictions to pills. Currently he is using an anti-depressant mixed with a mild pain killer; Tramadol. He promised her he was clean when they married. He has broken the trust bonds. We know that love covers a multitude of sins. We are called to love these folks through these addictions. It is not an easy task. Yet with Yeshua and Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) we can do all things through Him who strengthens us. The drug world is huge; a pandemic, I guess I would say. Our Messiah loves them all and grieves over them. Let us intercede as never before. Let us storm the throne room of Yah, beseeching Him for reconciliation and freedom from the addictions. I pray 1 Corinthians 10:13; 1 Corinthians 3:9 for us; I pray a release from corrupt companions, better yet, i pray for the whole of the community that they run in will suddenly be freed from their addictions as they praise God’s name loudly. They will watch the old pass away and the new creation come to light.
    We are called to pray and to minister to those who are lost. We never know, we may be the only one who is praying over a specific individual. Their souls are at risk! For Yah would that no one perish. He wishes us all to be at the wedding feast that is to come, and come soon! In Yeshua HaMashiach’s precious and Holy name I pray!

  6. I want to say thank you to everyone who prayed and send words of encouragement for me and my son. May God bless you all with favor and your heart desires.

  7. A very sincere thank you to all who have been praying for my brother-in-law, Ron and myself as we have undergone the kidney transplant. God has shown himself to be so faithful for the 2 of us!! There is so much to give thanks for. Ron received the kidney immediately and we are both being strengthened daily. There are so many complicated things to work out for Ron over these next months, but God has miraculously gone ahead and prepared the way! We praise God for the good reports and again thank you for the prayers. Ron has severe nerve damage in his feet which is very painful. We are praying for complete healing for his feet as well. May God continue to empower His people for healing and wholeness!!
    Blessings to each of you,
    Sherry Adams

    • PRAISE THE LORD for ALL You are doing in Ron’s “extended life”…all the glory and praise be unto YOU, GOD!!! I believe YOU will continue the good work in and through Ron and this family and what a testimony of YOUR faithfulness and great love, Father!

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