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Strong Holds

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:  for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.   (2 Corinthians 10: 4, 5)

If we could just get this passage way down deep into our spirit and actually DO IT; what incredible FREEDOM and PEACE we would experience in our daily life!  We are mortal, living in the realities of the present world, but as disciples of Christ, we do not war with mere human weapons.  Our warfare is not ‘against flesh and blood’ (Ephesians 6: 12); therefore, carnal (weak, worldly) weapons will not do.

We need weapons that are God-empowered (mighty in God).  Their purpose is for pulling down (demolishing) strong holds (anything opposing God’s will).  One of the greatest tactics the enemy uses to destroy us is warfare in our minds.  It will almost always involve our arrogant, rebellious ideas and attitudes (arguments) and at the root you will find PRIDE (every high thing) and it will be opposed to the true knowledge of God.  We must consciously aim, moment by moment, to bring EVERY disobedient thought into … obedience to what Christ has revealed to us in His Word.

Mike Donehey is the lead singer for the Christian group, Tenth Avenue North and he gives a down to earth example of bringing everything into the Light of God’s truth.  Check it out by clicking onto the following site:

Then listen to one of their new releases called, Healing Begins:

It is my prayer that as the world ‘realities’ assault your life, you will meditate on the above scripture and come to really BELIEVE that GOD  IS MIGHTY and HE CAN DO what is IMPOSSIBLE for you to accomplish in your own strength!  God bless you.


  1. It’s interesting how God wants us to war in our thoughts by resting in Him. Guess He does the work. We just need to access His Peace. That’s maybe where the war is…

    • Hi Vince!
      Yes, I agree…

      Psalm 56: 10, 11: IN GOD (I will praise His Word), IN THE LORD (I will praise His Word), IN GOD I have put my trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?

      Praise is what changes disorder to order…praise without ceasing. Be thankful and rejoice, brother! 🙂 God bless you.

  2. I was in prayer this AM and I read the passsage in Prov. 3: 5, 6 and thought it spoke into this particular post.

    “Trust in the LORD with ALL your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He SHALL direct your path.”

    When things/issues/people come up and touch your life today; meditate on and stand on God’s Word regarding that situation. Don’t begin thinking out ways YOU can handle it…take it to God in prayer and trust HIM to speak into your spirit and to guide you according to His Word.

    In the name of Jesus, rout out all fear, disorder, chaos, abnormality, and depression: FOCUS your eyes on the Master! 🙂

  3. Prayer Request: Oct 17 – 21 2011 For the Honduras Church Planting Project

    1) Pray for E and his family that the Holy Spirit will open their understanding and they will be converted.
    2) Pray for D, M, F, and I that the Holy Spirit will illuminate their hearts and they will continue sharing the studies with others.
    3) A is a Roman Catholic leader. Pray that he will receive understanding and will share the studies with others too.
    4) Pray that I and M will share the studies with others. God knows how to motivate people to share the studies with others.
    5) Pray that R and his family will be convicted by the Holy Spirit and that they will convert to the Lord.
    6) Pray that E and family will convert to the Lord and leave all the idolatry they are involved in. Pray the Holy Spirit will help them leave this idolatry.
    7) Pray that God will rebuke spirits of idolatry and hardness of heart in the people so that they will believe and be converted.
    8) Tomorrow will be three weeks since the documents were dropped off for Juanita’s visa at the USA Embassy in Tegucigalpa. Pray this visa will be approved this week and that they can go and get the visa this week. The Embassy said that Keith and Juanita would hear from them within one month.
    9) Pray for Strategy Coordinator Randy Travis that in the next week he can get some studies in Stage two formatted out. Also a couple of new ones need to be recorded.
    10) Pray for C and family in Corquin that God will touch their hearts and they will start doing the studies again. They had been doing them and stopped.
    11) Pray for V and his wife that God will take away the fear in their hearts of being rejected by the leaders in the R.C. church. V is an elderly man and is a highly respected retired leader in the R.C. church. He has received illumination from the scriptures, by the Holy Spirit, but the fear of rejection is strong.
    12) Pray that the Lord would touch L and family that they will receive the studies. This is in a new department of Honduras. It is called Comayagua. The town is Siguatepeque.
    13) Pray for Doña in Trinidad that God would use her as a connection to R.C. leaders so that the studies would multiply in that area of Honduras.
    14) There has been a lot of rain in Central America. It is dangerous traveling on village dirt roads and there are mudslides. People get buried alive in the mudslides. Pray for special protection for the brothers as they travel. Also, there have been a lot of murders taking place. Many of the areas the brothers go to… well… people are being shot and chopped up with machetes. It isn’t really related to persecution but just drunkenness, thieving, and vengeance killings. Our teams work in these areas so their lives are at risk nearly every day.
    15) We have decided to relocate Mario. He has been in Bonito Oriental, Colon. There are a lot of gun battles going on near his house. His new wife is soon joining him in the work. We decided it would be better for them to move to a little safer place as he will have to leave her alone a lot while he is in the villages. So, we are moving him to a larger town nearby called Tocoa. It is still in the department of Colon. Pray that he can find a suitable house in a safe neighborhood.
    16) In many of the DBS’s people are at the point of decision. Fear of persecution runs deep. Fear of rejection by the community runs deep. They “know” what the scripture says. They have studied it over and over again. They understand the truth. They need spiritual fortitude to stand up and decide for Christ, regardless of what it will cost them. These are face to face societies where everyone knows everyone’s business and most of us as Americans may not understand the fear of being rejected by the community and expelled from the R.C. church. To decide to follow Christ in such a context has far reaching implications. The cost is great. Pray that the Lord will gird up the hearts and minds of the people and they will bravely stand for the truth and for the Lord.

    Thanks for all o

    • Dear Bro David Parish,
      Greetings and Blesings to you from Congo! I will keep you and each prayers request in my special prayers.
      Be Blessed!

      Brother Clement Bienvenu Pambou from Congo

  4. I have read over each and every one of the prayer requests and it seems there is primarily need for protection and softening of hearts toward the Gospel message of HOPE. As I was praying a word came into my spirit and I looked up the passage of Scripture:

    “Where there is NO VISION the people perish, but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” (Proverbs 29: 18)

    “LORD, I come to You, in Jesus name, and I proclaim that blinded eyes shall see; that any with hardened hearts will have unique and specific visions of their need for Christ and the HOPE that ONLY HE can give them, both now and in the upcoming days. As Saul received sight and scales fell from his eyes (Acts 9: 16-18), so they will miraculously fall off the eyes of those in positions of authority; the gatekeepers of every village, town, and city throughout Honduras, Guatemala, and up into Mexico…to the glory and honor of our heavenly Father! Amen.”

    I pray for blessings of provision, protection, peace, and health over all concerned in this mission/ministry outreach and in all others throughout the world.

  5. Thanks Doug for sending this prophetic word to put into the blog post. It fits so well with the message and World Missions prayer requests. Thankyou, LORD!!! 🙂

    From: Doug Foust []
    Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 4:54 PM

    (A Prophetic Exhortation)
    By Mary Clark

    August 25, 2009

    Repost October 17-2011

    I am seeing a good many of My dear children in distress, distress over their present situation, distress over their future in Me, distress over what is happening in world events. I want to comfort you, beloved. I want to offer some words that will soothe your hearts. Hear Me now speak:

    I am a very powerful God. My power is extended over your situations, it is extended toward those things that could cause you distress. Never doubt this. You serve a God Who never fails in His endeavors to rescue and bless. Never!

    So follow the course that I have set before you, confident in Me to intervene in anything that could bring upheaval to your life. I can set all to right. I will set all to right, and you will see My hand move mightily on your behalf. Just look to Me confidently.

    I want you to know that I do not want you wringing your hands over any situation that presents itself. I want you focusing on your Beloved, and full of the knowledge that you serve a God Who is delighted to help, delighted to set all to right, and eager to see you walking in peace.

    Follow My course, dear one. Stay focused on Me. Stop wringing your hands. As I have told you, I am a powerful God, and My power is extended toward you and any situation that comes your way. Now don’t you believe that these are words about which you should rejoice? Don’t you believe that these words should bring peace to any heart that is suffering over situations, looking at things from a viewpoint of doomsday? Well, I can tell you, beloved, that if you don’t rejoice over these words, you don’t know My power, you don’t realize just how powerful and knowledgeable I am. So My advice to you, beloved, is to get in My Word and apply it to your life, apply it to every area of your life, and let the peace come in. Yes, receive the life-giving peace and comfort that My Words of truth bring, and then breathe in deeply and release a sigh, a sigh of sweet relief, sweet relief, brought from My hand to your precious heart!!!


    Listening Ears
    Mary Clark

  6. Love your blogs and would like to receive notice by email when you post thanks

    • Thanks Betty; it is good to have you on board! I know your comments will bless all of us and your added prayers just increase the density and fragrance of the smoke of the incense that rises up to our heavenly Father!
      I have been to visit my family in Canada for the past week; I apologize for the delay in replying to you. Many blessings.

  7. Hi Judy and all the readers of this blog. I need to give out 2 special and immediate prayer requests concerning the Honduras Church Planting Movement.
    1. Tommorrow, October 27, there will be a very important meeting among some Christian leaders in Honduras. This meeting could have an impact on open or closed doors for church planting movement activity in certain circles in the nation. Please pray for God’s will and peace to reign and that the results will be wide open doors for the work of the Lord. Literally thousands of souls could be impacted by the ultimate results. Pray for favor for “Beto” and those leaders who are supporting church planting movements.

    2. Saturday, October 29, there will be a meeting that could impact financial funding for this project for 2012. Please pray for favor and that the needed finances will be released.

    Thanks so much.
    For more information about this project, I would love for you to visit our blog at:
    On our blog are several videos explaining the work, as well as many many articles.
    Thanks and blessings,
    David Parish

    • Matthew 21: 21,22 … “…IF ye have faith, and DOUBT NOT… ALL things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, BELIEVING, ye shall receive.”

      The first thought that came into my mind was “the keys to the kingdom of heaven” and then the word “invincible”. So, in Matt.16: 19 we have His Word that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; whatever we loose (release) on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

      I am also going to stand on God’s Word in Deuteronomy 11: 25 ( there shall be no man who will be able to stand before us (IN CHRIST, Eph 2: 6) for the LORD our God shall lay the fear and dread of us (in Christ) upon ALL the land that we tread upon)

      and on Joshua 21: 44 (And the LORD will give REST/PEACE round about…and there stood not a man of all our enemies before us; and the LORD will deliver all our enemies into their land)

      “Lord, I come to You in Jesus’ name and declare the promises of Your TRUTH over this ministry. I RELEASE, in Jesus’ name, the TRUTH of Your Word over the church planting movement and over every person involved in even a small way in this outreach. You have chosen, called, and qualified each of them to do the work You have placed into their hands and we agree it WILL GO FORTH as You have planned, Lord. We BIND, in Jesus’ name, every spirit that seeks to hinder this this work in any way and we RELEASE Your authority and dominion over every aspect of this specific situation, Lord. We EXPECT to see Your glory released Lord and we give YOU ALL the praise. Amen and amen.”

      I ask all who read this blog to PLEASE be praying into David’s requests and also to check our his URL website address and see what the LORD HAS DONE and IS GOING TO DO in Honduras and surrounding countries in the coming days! God bless you 🙂

  8. Hi David, I read your prayer requests and the word forgivenes came up in my mind. I don’t know who, but I thought I just let you know.
    Thank you God for who You are!
    Liefs Erica

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