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DRY BONES  (Spirit Wind by Casting Crowns)

In 2002 God gave me a dream.  In the dream I was walking among many forms (I assumed people) wrapped up in white blankets (shrouds) and each of them had what looked like a life support line running from them.  I had to be careful where I walked as the lines were running along the floor and I knew if I stepped on one, I would cut off that person’s life support.  I was very tired and felt that I had to get some fresh air in order to stay awake.

When I got outside, there was a stairway beside the wall of the building.  In order to get to where I could see out, I had to climb the stairs to the roof.  The life-lines of the people ran onto the steps too, so I decided that the best way to get to the roof was on my hands and knees with the lines placed over my shoulder.  When I got to the top, there was a river at my feet.

A voice spoke and told me to step into the water.  I couldn’t for I am unable to swim and I feared I would drown.  The voice spoke again and I felt such a need to step down into the water.  I did and I was instantly pulled under the warm water, yet I didn’t have any fear for I knew there was someone holding me and I knew I was safe.  I was pulled/pushed through the water very rapidly and then suddenly came to a stop.

I rose up from the water and was in a place of intense quietness and all around me was a glowing, beautiful blue light.  I heard the voice again and it called me to come and look.  I moved to the edge of the water and looked down onto a suspended world.  It was like a globe that turned and I saw every continent and then the voice said, “You shall proclaim My truth to the nations of the world.”  And then the dream was over.

The dream has stayed clear before me all these years.  In 2007, I felt I was to begin a webpage and out of the blue I received an email from a man who became the one who set up the webpage (see ) and he also monitored all the business of getting the weekly messages out to many around the world.  I wrote these weekly messages until November, 2011.

I started this blog in January or so of 2011 and write as Holy Spirit leads.  Today I was thinking about how God moves in each of our lives to get us to the place where He wants us.  I guess that place is when we all “appear in the likeness of Jesus, His Son.”  🙂  I am quite certain I still have some distance to travel to get to that place; however, as I thought about where I was in 2002 and looked at the difference in my thoughts, etc. today; I see where God has brought about significant changes.  I was just listening to the Casting Crown CD, “COME TO  THE WELL” and one particular song grabbed my attention (click onto it at beginning of this blog).  It reminded me once again of the dream God put into my heart.

I have a deep sense of urgency for those who do not yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Time is running out for those of you who don’t know Him, for those of you who did once have a relationship with Him and it has been neglected by you; for those who have been discouraged, or distracted by the cares of this world.  I feel that you are some of the life lines I am to carry to the feet of Jesus; for an INFILLING or REFILLING of His LIFE.  Last night, an acquaintance of my husband’s went home to find that his wife was not feeling well.  As the evening went on, she became worse and he finally took her to the emergency room.  Tests were run, but her condition continued to deteriorate: she died.  She leaves behind a husband and four young children.  It could have been you.  Are you ready to die?  Do you feel you are ready to meet God face to face?  God’s Word is True and it is Eternal.  Do you know whether you will have eternal LIFE or are you facing eternal DEATH (yes, hell is real according to God’s Word … even if we don’t hear it mentioned much anymore).  I encourage you to CHOOSE LIFE! 

God bless you as you continue your journey IN CHRIST!  🙂


  1. From: Doug Foust []
    Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2012 1:48 PM

    Word of the Lord
    Rose Provencher

    July 22-2010
    Repost: Jan-15th-2012

    Friends, family and fellowship are all good to have; I want you to have all these. But My question to you is who and what are you listening to, who and what are you spending the most time with? Do you still hear Me loud and clear or do the voices of others sound more pleasant to your ears than Mine? I have watched and I have seen that intimacy is a real issue with many of My children. They want a relationship with Me but only as far as they want to go with it, there are limits. I desire that you go all of the way with Me, no limits; I will not take away from your other relationships, I will enhance them. Time spent with Me, loving me, pouring out to Me, listening to Me, should be your first priority because I am the one that will guide you and fill you and give you all the things that you need to have all of these other relationships.
    I am jealous for My time with you, are you as jealous for your time with Me? If you are feeling like you are pressed for time to spend doing what you want and need to do, look at your schedule; am I first? You see I am your planner, your efficiency expert, your time manager, if you let me help you your time will be more productive and there will be many more times to even just relax and have fun because I will rid your schedule of wasted effort and time spent foolishly, time I might add, that you will have to answer to Me for not using to its fullest .I am like a funnel, pour all of your time needs into Me and I will organize them, prioritize them and direct them all to their proper places.
    I know your frame, I was there when it was created and I know what you need and I also know that what you want, really want in your heart of hearts is My plan for you. No one really knows that plan but Me and the only way that you will find fulfillment, is to be accomplishing that plan. So come to Me and spend time with Me, give it a try, taste and see if what I am saying is not the truth. You will never know fullness without Me, I am your source, your means, and your reward. Without Me is waste and want and futility. You were created for My purposes not your own and nothing will satisfy you but Me. My way would make life so much easier for you, My yoke is easy and My burden is light. No one can love you like I do and I want to show you that love. Come now, let us reason together, you are My delight and I delight to spend time with you and you will delight in My presence, I promise. Come now and see.

    • Thank you for sharing this Doug!

      The Lord’s timing is so perfect! 🙂

  2. Thank you Judy for including your posts to my email. I am always blessed by them. And this one by Doug, too, is as you have said, so timely!

    I have had so many dreams lately of evangelism – where I have just led someone to the LORD or on the road going just to the Jewish temples, undercover to evangelize….and in prayer I weep and weep for the salvation of loved ones and for the masses around the world… I too have that sense of urgency.

    I have grieved this week as my 10 year old Collie died. We had to put him down as he was very sick. It seems he got old overnight, and sick. It happened quickly.

    I grieve for your husbands aquaintance whose wife died so suddenly. It is so hard to lose someone you love, and even more so when you have so little time to say goodbye. I hope she knew the LORD?!

    …… a very long pause here……………please pray for my household… husband needs to become born again, and I need to persevere in prayer. I am not going to a local church – can’t seem to find where I fit, and my husband does not want to go anywhere. I am staying in the Word but need so much more! Lately I have been putting off my devotions till later….so that is why the timeliness of the word Doug posted. It seems lately everything crowds my time with Him, or the phone rings as I kneel to seek Him. I need time in His presence, worshiping and being still….so much more time! And I need to find fellowship with like minded believers. I do need your life line prayers, Judy, and I thank you for them!

    God bless you.

    • Dear Connie;

      Many of us come to that place where we feel we can’t go on; our thirst is great yet there is a helplessness in knowing what to do to even get the water into our mouth!

      Sometimes I think we actually wonder if there is a God!

      I am here to lift you up and to pray for God to reveal Himself in a unique and special way to you through His Word. My prescription for any who are weary is to READ God’s WORD…even when it doesn’t seem to get into our spirit. Holy Spirit will take it and use it to nourish you way down deep and then He’ll water it as He sees fit and before long…there will be new hunger and desire for more and more. Your once dry spirit will begin to bring forth evidence of NEW LIFE!

      I have sent out a note about the upcoming Global Day of Prayer and highly encourage you to get ACTIVELY involved in praying for the nation of Indonesia…for other nations (i.e. USA) as well. It will take your focus off self and place it squarely on Christ’s Commission to all of us.

      There is NO DISTANCE IN PRAYER so you can travel all over the world in the spirit and pray for the people, ESPECIALLY the YOUTH and CHILDREN of the nations, the future of these countries. As you do this, I promise you that you will experience a GREAT sense of God’s Presence in your life and in the lives of those around you.

      Spend time each day in prayer for your husband; thanking God for the wonderful man he is, speak LIFE into his spirit…you are “cleaved together” and therefore have great spiritual authority over him. You don’t have to say much to your husband other than positive things, but you can PRAY alot for him and your marriage! 🙂

      I encourage you… dig in and position yourself with your spiritual eyes focused on Jesus; your natural eyes focused on His answers to prayer for NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD!!! 🙂

      Standing with you in Faith,

  3. From: Global Day of Prayer []
    Sent: Monday, January 16, 2012 12:41 AM
    To: Mailman World
    Subject: GDOP Newsletter 02/2012 Invitation to the World Prayer Assembly 14 – 18 May 2012


    On behalf of the WPA International Coordination Team, leaders from the Indonesian and Korean prayer movements, the International Prayer Council, and many other prayer and ministry networks we would like to iinvite you and those you want to recommend for the

    World Prayer Assembly
    May 14-18, 2012
    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Dear Ministry or Marketplace Leader, Praying Youth or Child,

    You are invited to a once-in-a generation gathering, an encounter with the Lord God Almighty together with Christian leaders from around the world. The World Prayer Assembly (May 14-18, 2012) will take place in the midst of a spiritual revival that is taking place in the nation of Indonesia. Millions of Indonesians are now connected in prayer for their nation. 24/7 “prayer towers” are operating in many cities and over two hundred thousand trained child intercessors are crying out to God for the transformation of their nation.

    All of this is taking place in the largest Muslim-populated country. The Lord is moving in this vast archipelago of 17,000 islands with many diverse people groups. The Church has united in an extraordinary way, creating an environment for spiritual and societal transformation that is spreading across the region.

    Thousands of prayer, mission and marketplace leaders, along with on-fire youth and children, will gather in Jakarta to seek the Lord together in a new paradigm for an international congress.
    Like the five leaders at Antioch (Acts 13:1-3), we will “let God be God” and seek Him together for His strategies of “prayer-action” for our hurting world. It was the first International Prayer Assembly, almost 30 years ago in Seoul, Korea in 1984 where the seeds for the current global prayer movement were sown. Korea will serve as the co-host for the WPA with Indonesia.

    Special track sessions will create a forum for participants to focus on international issues, cutting-edge models of ministry, and ministry spheres (“7 Mountains”) for which they have a passion. And, while there will be world-renowned speakers, presenters and facilitators for both plenary and track sessions (such as David Yonggi Cho, Enoch Adeboye, Lee Younghoon, Luis Bush, Dick Eastman, Suzette Hattingh, Ed Silvoso, Cindy Jacobs, Graham Power, Brian Mills, Ian Cole, Pete Greig, Niko Nyotorahardjo, Iman Santoso, Gloria Au Yeung and many others), we want to hear from one Personality primarily, the Lord Himself. All speakers will, therefore, share briefly and in a way that facilitates our time of encounter with God and one another.

    The WPA will be led inter-generationally, with youth and children helping to facilitate plenary and other sessions. There will also be strong youth and children tracks. This will help launch the next generation of men and women of God to lead the prayer and mission movements- modern Josephs, Esthers, Daniels, and Deborahs that God will use to impact the nations.

    Then, on May 17, we will gather in the national stadium with 100,000 others, including 20,000 children and 20,000 youth. Our Indonesian colleagues anticipate 200 cities of Indonesia to host simultaneous gatherings, connected by live television. Tens of millions more will join us across the world by satellite TV and Internet streaming. As one of the largest prayer meetings in history, it has the potential to change our planet in fundamental ways.

    We believe the WPA will be a stepping stone to the fulfillment of the ancient prophet’s prediction that “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14). It will also be a direct answer of Jesus’ prayer in John 17 as Christ’s people unite in prayer around the world.

    Please pray for the World Prayer Assembly and join us in Jakarta for this unique time in the presence of the Lord, as leaders gather from around the world. If there are others in your ministry network that you feel should be with us, feel free to share this letter of invitation with them.

    More information is available on the website Check out the inspiring videos and share them with others. You can also register at this site. If you have any questions, please contact

    Your heart will be stirred to see the new World Prayer Assembly video which is called “The New Wave is Coming!” It was filmed and produced by the award-winning Media Village. Here is a direct link to the 7-minute video.

    We look forward to seeing you in May,

    Yours in Christ,

    Bambang Widjaya (Indonesia) and John Hur (Korea) WPA Co-Chairmen, Daniel Pandji (General Secretary), Tom Victor (Media Coordinator), Tety Irwan (Children), Jerome Ocampo (Youth) and John Robb (International Facilitator)

    To receive Urgent Prayer Alerts please go HERE and subscribe

    Join us on Facebook :
    Follow us on Twitter:

    • Seven years ago, The Global Day of Prayer was on Pentecost, June 4, which happened to also fall on my birthday! Kenya was the country of focused prayer that year and many good things are happening in Kenya at this point in time. I plan to return there this May at the time of Global Prayer and things are in the process of being organized to connect the women of Kenya in a prayer movement! I ask for your prayers in this matter as time draws near.

      I remain so excited so excited as I pray according to the prayer points that are published on line. Since then, I have been so blessed to see so much changed through the power of joint prayers!

      This is available to you as well and I highy encourage each of you to JOIN IN …for as Holy Spirit is within all who believe…His POWER IS GREATLY intensified when MILLIONS come together in agreement with God’s plan to see mankind saved!

      God will bless you as you serve Him through your prayers for others!

  4. Prayer Request HCPM Week of Jan 16, 2012
    Pray for Carlos, one of our primary team members. He was robbed by several men with machetes and all of his access ministry supplies and money were stolen. Praise God that his life was spared. This illustrates the dangerous areas our church planting workers face every day.
    Pray for the group in Limon, Azacualpa. B and O are having marital problems. Pray that O will return back home and that they will be encouraged to continue the studies and make a decision to get baptized and follow the Lord.
    Pray for the DBS in Terreritos that the Word of the Lord would help them and strengthen them so that they would have a desire to start more studies with other family members.
    Pray that L and F in Tres Cruces would participate in each study and they would get baptized.
    Pray for the DBS that meets in the house of M. Folks from 5 different subsequent DBS’s meet in this DBS.
    Pray for the DBS that meets in the house of M. Three households meet in this DBS.
    Pray for the DBS in Victoria, Atima with L that he would make a solid decision to follow Christ above all things and that he would make definite decisions to help and motivate the other DBS’s in that region.
    Pray for the upcoming conference in La Ceiba Honduras Feb 16-19. Arrangements are being made for transporting people from across Honduras to the conference and to host and feed them. Randy and Keith Travis will be traveling there, along with David Parish, Caleb Gentry, and Anthony Fouts. The Honduran team will be participating in teaching and Beto and several of his leaders will be present. Please pray for safety for everyone involved, especially in travel, and for the finances to pay for all the expenses of the training. Believe with us that hundreds of churches will result from this training event. Pray for Randy to have clarity of mind as he gets the training material ready for the conference.
    Pray for Keith and Juanita as they file for adjustment of status with immigration in the USA for Juanita. Pray that all will go well and she will be approved.

    • David; we are standing in faith believing for all the work in Honduras; for the upcoming meetings in Feb. 2012, safety, provision, and for an open heaven over this country and neighboring ones as well. Many of us are praying with intercessors involved in the Global Day of Prayer and there are prayer points that will cover every nation and people group in the world. Each of us have been given a heart for specific countries and peoples; but they all are part of God’s ultimate plan! God bless each of you.

  5. Thanks so much Judy, for everything! I was – stunned – when I heard you say pray for Indonesia, as I have been, by unction of Holy Spirit! and will begin as you suggest, to pray for the youth and children.

    Ever since the big earthquake in Japan, I look every day at the US Geological site on line that shows all recent earthquakes around the world, and pray for His mercy worldwide. Indonesia is on the fault line and has had many earthquakes. So when I read what you posted my heart jumped with joy to hear of the prayer movement going on there!!! And thanks too, Judy, for all the links you post! I will go and watch the video in a moment.

    I will pray for you going to Kenya. It is exciting! Over 20 years ago I watched a 12 part Video teaching series on intercession, recorded by Rhienhart Bunke’s head intercessor. She would travel ahead of him to the villages he would go to next, and pray for a week or more with the local believers. Her teaching tapes on intercession were wonderful, as I am sure her prayers were too!

    God bless you, Judy!

  6. Oh my! How wonderful to see that video! Yes, my heart was stirred to tears of great joy!!!! I bookmarked it to watch over and over. Oh! how I long for this in my little town – in my nation!!!! Unity and prayer!!!!

    Thank you!!!!

  7. Prayer request from Ontario Canada

    Prayer Request:Just received from Richard Long in Ottawa (send on to your prayer team or intercessors)

    Rev. Don Crisp
    Pastor 1st Baptist Church
    Smith Falls

    Battling Serious Aggressive illness for the last 5 weeks
    He is on CFRA a radio program in the morning called Good News in the morning.Please Pray for him & his family plus the Baptist Church in Smith Falls; the radio program. Thank you for your prayers for Pastor Manuel Donoso Nepean Adventist Church in Barhaven with Prostate Cancer please continue your prayers for him.God Bless

  8. From: magumba carlos []
    Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 4:18 AM

    Nehemiah’s Arrow Prayer

    “’I was very much afraid’ The king said to me, ‘What is it you want?’ Then I prayed to the God of heaven, and I answered the king.” (NEHEMIAH 2:2B, 4-5A)

    Scripture Focus: Nehemiah 2:1-9

    Nehemiah was cup bearer to Artaxerxes, King of Persia. The king could execute anyone who displeased him. Even showing negative emotions in his presence was dangerous. But Nehemiah was downhearted, and it showed. When he approached Artaxerxes, he risked his life. “Why does your face look so sad when you are not ill? This can be nothing but sadness of heart,” Artaxerxes said (vs. 2).

    How would the king respond to his request to return to his homeland? He had fasted and prayed before approaching the king. Now Nehemiah prayed for guidance before answering. With mingled fear and faith, he sought God’s direction in a short “arrow prayer.”

    My faith falters at times as did Nehemiah’s. Emotions, problems, or pain keep me from realizing God is always ready to hear and answer even my short “arrow prayers.” Sometimes I am at a loss for words. But the Holy Spirit guides (see Romans 8:26), and God’s own Son, Jesus, intercedes. Our Savior loves us and hears our every cry.

    Insight: We don’t need to be free from fear and strong in faith for our loving God to hear us and answer even our “arrow prayers”.

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