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But thanks be to God, Who in Christ always leads us in triumph and THROUGH US spreads and makes evident the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere.  For we are the sweet fragrance  of Christ (which exhales) unto God, among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.(2 Corinthians 2:  14, 15)

I passed a tree this morning and was drawn to the fragrance that wafted from its blooms.   This picture shows one of the hundreds of clusters this tree had produced and I gave thanks to my Father for another precious gift to me. 

I continued on my walk and thought about the “fragrance of Christ”.  Many liken it to the aromal of baking bread, and some believe the smell of rain is clear when they are in His presence.   Personally, I think it was His righteousness, His LIFE that was exhaled unto God and received as a sweet fragrance.  I believe as we become more like Christ in our every-day life; we become more fragrant too.  Our LIFE should draw people to WHO IS LIVING within us. 

 Jesus brings LIFE so if we are His disciples/ambassadors, He will be lifted up and draw those who are to be saved to us (as the bee alight in this blossom).  As the blossoms on this tree have a very short life-span; so is ours.  James 4: 14 tells us that we are (really) but a wisp of vapor (a puff of smoke, or perfume) that is visible for a little while and then disappears (into thin air).  I praythat while we have breath, we will live a LIFE filled with VICTORY and that our fragrance and beauty in and through Jesus will bring God great glory!


  1. HCPM PRAYER REQUESTS April 2-6, 2012
    Pray for the preparations for the WME Missions Conference that will be at Oasis Christian Center in Paducah. The Conference will begin next week, on April 13 and end on Sunday April 14. Pray for the safety in travel of all the missionaries and people who are coming, and especially for the health and strength of Bro Syvelle Phillips, our main speaker. Pray for a refreshing, blessing, outpouring of God’s Spirit upon all who come.
    Pray for a family in San Jose Copantillo that is doing a Discovery Bible Study, that they will decide to obey the Lord in being baptized.
    Pray that the H family will begin studying again. They had been studying, then persecution came and they stopped.
    Pray for M and family in La Campa. They were studying and showed a great interest until persecution came against them.
    Pray for P and the DBS that meets in his house.
    Pray for the DBS that meets in the house of D. Pray especially for understanding of the scriptures and that they will make decisions to follow Christ.
    Continue praying for team members Carlos, Mario, Daniel that they will make contact with key people in established churches in their respective areas and that they be able to engage them in CPM training by inviting them to a training conference. Pray that the Honduran team will be able to organize and carry out at least one mini training conference this year.
    Pray for all the team members as it their break time. Pray they will have a good time with their families.
    Pray for Eliazer, Daniels dad. He had a wreck on a motorcycle. He is hurt pretty bad. Pray for his recovery.

    • I am reminded of the parable of the sower (Mark 4: 1-33 as well in Matthew) and I see many in the world receiving God’s Word (seed) and they slowly begin to see God results within their life as a believer. We all grow as we keep our focus in Christ and continue to have a heart that earnestly desires all He can impart to us. I also see many in the body of Christ who never really were willing to give up what they had in the world and so they try to blend a bit of both…then when trouble starts, they go backwards instead of forward. Then there are those who allow the burdens and cares of this world to bring them down and turn away from the ONE Who alone can help them. BUT THEN I SEE the ones who dare to LIVE in the VICTORY THAT JESUS PURCHASED FOR THEM on the cross and they will continue to seek Him and will abide in Him and He in them and they will produce a harvest 100 fold!!! Praise the LORD for this remnant! I declare a great harvest for these who are RIGHT NOW being discipled!!! To God be all the glory and praise! God bless all the workers in the field of God in the area of Honduras in Jesus name! 🙂

  2. A Prophetic Word (given by a spiritual mother of mine)

    Calling Forth the Pillars of Fire

    For you have indeed walked a long journey, says the Lord and I have brought you to such a time as this. And as you have traveled many roads of many kinds, now is the time for you to walk a new road with intent.

    For you will find that the many roads lead up to this single road and as I open the doors in front of you, there will be no going back.
    For it is indeed time for my Church to take the land that I have promised her. It is indeed time for my mighty warrior to rise up and to take back by force what the enemy has stolen.
    And so it is time to rise up! However, I need my leaders to wake my Church from her slumber. I need my leaders to equip her. I need my leaders to go ahead.
    Leaders who are not afraid to face the storms. Leaders who are not afraid to go a way no one has gone before. Leaders who are not afraid to pay the price for others to walk.
    Leaders that will walk the roads and learn them. Leaders that will write the map and then lead others along the way. For I am raising up mighty warriors even now, says the Lord. I am bringing them forth from all points in the earth and they will take their place.

    Then I will surely set them on fire and together they will set my church ablaze. For it is time for all of my leaders to come from all over. To join as a mighty force to lead. I shall surely give to them of the same spirit and of the same fire.

    It is by this fire that they will identify one another. For I am indeed bringing a mighty move to my body, says the Lord and I shall do it over the entire world. I will not start a fire here or a fire there, but I shall start it as one.

    Have I said it and shall I not do it? Shall I not do what I have promised for generations to do my child? So take my hand and join me as I raise these ones up.
    For the time is short and the training has been long. Each must let go of what comforts them and each must let go of what they know. They must let go so that I can give them my mind and my fire.
    For this is indeed my Bride and I shall breathe over her and I shall use the vessels that I choose. So look up and be prepared, says the Lord for a mighty wave is coming and it shall come through those that I raise up to stand as pillars of fire, says the Lord. Amen.

  3. Worship and the Cross

    “Therefore, when Christ came into the world, he said: ‘Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but a body you prepared for me.'” (Hebrews 10:5)
    Scripture Focus: Luke 23:26-49, Hebrews 10:1-10

    It didn’t look much like a church service. In fact, the lonely, windswept hill of Golgotha outside the city gates of Jerusalem was the last place we might expect anything of religious significance to take place. Yet despite all appearances to the contrary, it was there that the most significant act of worship in the history of the world took place. For it was there that the Messiah offered His body as a sacrifice.

    It may have appeared to some that Jesus was taken to the cross against His will – that somehow the Romans and the Jews had gotten the better of Him. But that was certainly not the case. In fact, Jesus was doing exactly what He had come to do. He was taking the body His Father had prepared for Him and laying it down as a substitute for sinners. And, friends, it is from that act of worship that all of our worship must flow. His worship on the cross qualifies and inspires our worship in the church. Your church may have a cross on its wall or in its decor somewhere. When you see it, remember how Christ came into this world to redeem us.

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