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Show the wonder of your great love, You who save by Your right hand those who take refuge in You from their foes.  You are the God who does wonders; You have demonstrated Your power among the people.  (Psalm 17: 7; 77: 14)

What difference does Holy Spirit make in us and in the world of His people?  Jesus commanded His disciples that when He was gone; they were to do nothing until they had received power from on high through the promised Holy Spirit.  This was something they had not experienced before, it was something new.  Holy Spirit was to bring them into a “relationship” with God and He was going to indwell them.

How can this be?  Holy Spirit is not matter.  He has no weight and He has no dimension; He is everywhere, He is time and space, and He has power to penetrate matter.  When you are reborn through acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord, you receive His Spirit as a guarantee that your new birth is real.  Holy Spirit comes to indwell you; you are different. 

The Spirit of God came upon each disciple and penetrated into their skull and got into their brain.  He went right through their clothing and penetrated their bones, went through their blood stream and into their organs and cells; AND IT DID NOT HURT THEM AT ALL!  Holy Spirit got right into them/us.  Holy Spirit can penetrate where man can never go and that is something to marvel at!  Praise the Lord!  That’s why when Jesus comes into your heart– there’s some (body)  Who IS LIVING within you!  He will see through you, talk through you and will feel through you.  He can make you see what He wants you to see, think what He wants you to think, and say what He wants you to say.  You can LOOK at a person BEFORE and AFTER their conversion and you WILL SEE a whole CHANGE IN COUNTENANCE for Holy Spirit SHINES through them (see 2 Corinthians 3: 13-17).

Holy Spirit mothers us and hovers over us.  He wants to take care of everything for us and I want to tell you all, He has taken very good care of me.   🙂  There may come a time in each of our lives where we decide we want to take care of ourselves; we feel we can manage without Him.  When we do that, it grieves Him much like it grieves a parent when a child tells you, “I can do this on my own; I don’t need your help.”  I’ve made up my mind that until my heart quits beating, I will not grieve Holy Spirit.

There are churches today all over the world who used to depend on Holy Spirit for everything.  However; pastors, leaders, and the body are now saying, “We can take it from here.”  Holy Spirit has been bound and gagged and is tied up and made to sit over in the corner, yet we’re pressing ahead like He’s still with us!  BUT EVERYONE KNOWS HE IS NOT; everyone knows there is something very wrong.   Holy Spirit is grieved because He loves the church.  It is time for the church (you, me) to move out of the driver’s seat and let Holy Spirit take control.  There is NOT one person anywhere who even remotely comes close to being like Him.  When we REPENT and allow Him FREEDOM; THEN we will once again see HIM come and do great and mighty things!

Holy Spirit gives off a brilliant consciousness/awareness of His Presence.  We can sense Him near us for He allows us to feel Him.  He is watching to see how everybody and the man behind the pulpit is going to react.  There is a shift in the atmosphere.  It’s like a veil or curtain comes up and all of a sudden something changes in an individual or in the audience.  It is an awesome, wonderful thing and I love Him so.

Today the average church has LOST its sense of wonder.  We have lost our sense of awe that there is another world out there and that world is trying to invade our world.  It is the world of Holy Spirit (the supernatural world); it is a world filled with wonder (wonderment) and in this world we worship Jesus (whose name is Wonderful) (see John 4: 23, 24).  Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Wonder.  I don’t know about you; but I want every single thing that Holy Spirit is willing to give and  I want to daily experience the WONDER of Who He Is!  Hallelujah!

There are two songs I have tagged for this article; both speak of the WONDER of God.  I pray they bless you as they do me.          2.


  1. Excellent blog. Holy Spirit reign in Us till all can see the wonder and awe of the Living God

  2. Dear Prayer Warrior,

    Jesus said in Revelation 3:8- “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.”

    Our Lord is opening new doors and we are rejoicing and asking for prayer for His timing and resources to go through them. Here are a few of the open doors and potential open doors that we are anticipating in the next several months and next year:

    1. Opportunity to train a key organization in CPM and disciple making in Tegucigalpa Honduras.
    2. Opportunity to train in South Central Honduras.
    3. Opportunity to train in El Salvador.
    4. Opportunity to train in Colombia.
    5. Opportunity to train in Guatemala.
    6. Opportunity to train in Mexico.
    7. Opportunity to train in Cuba.
    8. Opportunity to train in Costa Rica.
    (From these you can see that doors are opening to impact not only a Honduras Church Planting Movement, but to see expansion to a Latin American CPM)
    9. Opportunity to connect with key Disciple making movements in Southern Africa, and connect it to one of WME’s missionary families to begin CPM training in Botswana, Africa
    10. WME Missionaries preparing to deploy to the Indonesia region in early 2013 to begin CPM type work among multiple Muslim people groups.

    Please pray for all of these open and potential open doors so that we will be walking in God’s timing in all things. Attached are the Honduras CPM prayer requests for the week.

    Thanks much and blessings,
    David Parish

    1. Pray for Beto. He is a key leader in Honduras. Pray for his health and healing and also for his son who is having some troubles.
    2. Pray for a man named E: Pray the Lord would call him to commitment. Pray the Lord would stir him up spiritually.
    3. Pray for a town called Los Naranjitos. Pray for this town to come to the knowledge of Christ and that many churches would be started.
    4. Pray for M. Pray for her salvation and that God may open her eyes to the truth.
    5. Continue to Pray for V and A. Pray for their salvation and health.
    6. Pray that the Lord would protect Oscar Andrade and family from any attack of the enemy and that the favor of the Lord would continue to rest on them. Pray for safety as they travel to many dangerous places. Pray for a special anointing on their lives. Pray the Lord would give Oscar many key men of peace.
    7. Pray for Adiel Ponce and Family. Pray for their safety and that God would continue to use them in a powerful way. Pray the Lord would give him exceptional strength and wisdom to lead.
    8. Continue to pray for J and family. Pray for the Lord to restore him to Himself.
    9. Continue to pray for the Travis families. Pray for continued healing and health as well as wisdom in mentoring the key leaders in the Honduran work.
    10. Pray for Judy Starnes. Pray for COMPLETE Healing in her body.
    11. Pray for David Parish and family. Pray for healing, wisdom and protection and for new open doors for disciple making movements in Honduras and all of Latin America, as well as Africa, Indonesia and others that the Lord is preparing.

    • Hi David and all involved with this work of God’s. As I was reading over the posted prayer requests I felt that 2 Timothy had a word that could be applied to all of you (and any disciple of Christ’s). I pray that you hear what the Spirit is saying to you; to the body of Christ.

      It is my prayer for each of you: ” I pray that you, My son, be strong (strengthened inwardly) (and that is where it has to be, deep inside you) in the grace (spiritual blessing) that is (to be found only) in Christ Jesus. And the (instructions) which you have heard from me along with many witnesses, TRANSMIT and ENTRUST (as a deposit) (seed into good ground) to reliable and afithful men who WILL BE COMPENTENT and QUALIFIED to teach others also (Vs 1,2).”

      God bless each of you in your laboring for the kingdom of God to His glory and honor!

      In faith,

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