Posted by: dailywordofdestiny | October 26, 2014


I love Ephesians; to me it is the Divine Model for who the Body of Christ is and where the Body of Christ is to be. There are definite commands, exhortations, power-filled promises and words that God EXPECTS His ‘elect’ to live and breathe. His promises are based in and through our position and relationship with Him. If you have no relationship with Jesus Christ other than a superficial knowing of Him, or you have no knowledge of Who Jesus Christ is and what He has set out to be obeyed; then it is doubtful you are in a position to receive personal blessing from Him, nor can you expect to operate in what He desires His Church to walk in. In fact, I see it as the reason why the ‘western church’ fails to operate in the fullness of Christ. Our often ‘lukewarm relationship’ is ineffective and produces no manifestation of fruit in our personal lives or in our corporate body! There are ‘pockets, or a remnant’ that I see as what is referred to as the ‘elect’ scattered throughout communities, cities, and nations. They are the ‘not just hearers of the Word, but also the obedient doers.’

Never Changing, Always moving GodGOD

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