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2015: The Glorious Church

Lord of lords

January 5, 2015 What God has revealed to me for 2015.

I enjoy looking at what God shares for us and as I asked Him to reveal some of His thoughts on what 2015 would bring, I was brought to what I now write. All God’s Word and the future as we know it (limited by our finite minds) is already prophesied by His Word. If we will look to what He has told us and believe what He has told us… there would be no stopping us from walking in assurance and daily victory ALL the days of our life. However, I do think some of the things I have studied and prayed about will and are coming to pass even as I write. God richly bless you this day and throughout all the days of your life. Abundant blessing on your journey with and in Jesus Christ, Lord of lords and King of kings! He is coming!

I see now why I was told to “wait!” January is the 1st month of our calendar year and in USA when we abbreviate a date. Today would look like 01-5-15. God is a God of creation and order and the Bible numbers mean a great deal to me. So I begin there.

Twenty (20) represents the fundamental differentiation which creates in the world two antagonistic poles of opposition. (20) is represented in Hebrew by the letter ‘caph,’ in form of opened hand and it means “to seize and to hold.” For the world of the god this world, the corresponding meaning is, ‘the force,’ expresses energy, activity, and work (by R. Allendy).

It is a number associated to resurrection (good) or to reincarnation (evil). This aligns with the Lord’s words in 2 Corinthians 6: 17. ‘Come out from the workers of iniquity, and separate from their vain and sinful pleasures and pursuits; from all conformity to the corruptions of this present evil world.’ If it is an envied privilege to be the son or daughter of Satan, god of this world; who can express the dignity and happiness of being sons and daughters of the Almighty?

2015 is going to manifest a mighty Crash/Clash in this earth that parallels the great spiritual war in the heavenlies for souls in the valley of decision. In this year we, the Church, will be called to a visible “SEPARATION” from the things of this earth! The Church must hold tightly to what it has been freely given. Standing in position and holding its position is a battle that will not be easy, but God has supplied an abundance of grace to seize what has been stolen from His Church and He has ensured VICTORY!

The number 15 pictures “rest” which comes after ‘deliverance’ represented by 14. The 15th day of the first Hebrew month (Nisan) is the First day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, a day of rest for all God’s children (Israel and Christians alike). The 15th day of the 7th Hebrew month begins the Feast of Tabernacles, also a day of rest. An example of this importance is that God’s prophecy to Abraham was on Nisan 15 and it was fulfilled years later on the exact same day.

2015 is the ‘Year of the Church!’ There will be a rest from their sins as the majority within the ‘Body of Christ’ will come to recognize their position in God. There will be a supernatural quickening that will remove a veil of scales from the eyes of the Church and it will FINALLY KNOW sins are washed away in the Blood of Jesus and it is a NEW MAN in Him! Forget the past; this is a NEW DAY! Salvation will be offered to all who have not yet heard the Gospel and in this year there will be great MULTIPLICATION of souls for the Kingdom of God and the harvest will flood and overflow in ways that can only be described as through a “DOUBLE MEASURE OF SUPERNATURAL GRACE!” (1-5-15 is today and here we see 1 (sovereign), 5 (God’s grace), x 1(5) to overcome the evil that is to be unleashed (20) on this temporal world very soon.

THEREFORE, 2015 is a year of many doors being opened to the Gospel; many hearts seeking Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There will be many doors closing as well, but even as they are closing, God will have anchored a very spiritually strong remnant in those places where there seems to be little hope.
It will be a year of unprecedented growth of the Church throughout all the nations of the world. The Church (the Bride) will grow in strength and in anointing as the world is enshrouded by deepening darkness. People will be reaching out in desperation for the HOPE that Christ Jesus alone can give.
The GLORIOUS CHURCH is rising up and shining with God’s LOVE and there will be a huge movement out of stationary buildings that will flood the streets, byways, and highways. No longer will the Church be invisible, but it will stand with the Right and Might, and will be Bright with the Light that the Spirit of the Living God is pouring over, into, and out of it!

The CHURCH will be as a tree of righteousness; bowed down with the heavy bunches of fruit which are an outgrowth of God’s love which has been cast abroad in the heart of His CHURCH by His Holy Spirit. The fruit will draw people by the hundreds of thousands out of their personal areas of darkness and into Christ’s glorious Light. The Fruit and the Water from the River of Life… will be poured into and out of the CHURCH throughout the nations to give to the vast multitudes who will eagerly accept it and will eat and drink and they will never hunger and thirst again!

2015 is year of GREAT HARVEST; especially in the very young children and young teenagers and it will be gathered in the season of great drought and heartache: for God’s ways are not ours and He will do what seems impossible to man through this very difficult year ahead.

However, He says, “Go about the business I have called you to; do not look to the right or to the left, but go forward, trust Me to fulfill My perfect plan for you, through you, and into the world around you. I love you with an everlasting love and I will not fail to accomplish all I have told you I would do!”


  1. Amen Judy, I am experiencing this “word of the Lord”, already, in several different ways, Praise the name of Jesus He is preparing His Bride.
    We MUST keep working, waiting and watching for His Kingdom to be revealed on earth as it is in Heaven.lessings, bro ken

    • Blessings through 2015 Ken! All glory, honor, and praise be unto The ONE WHO IS ABLE and Who is Faithful to complete all He began! Amen!

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