Posted by: dailywordofdestiny | January 6, 2015


rewrite my story

The Lord has revealed to me the many hurting and injured people within the Body of Christ. He wants them returned to Him. He is ready to finish the work in them that He began many years ago. The Finish Line is ahead and He wants to see all His children cross over the line with great smiles of VICTORY! If this is you… downhearted, heavy-laden, depressed, feeling unworthy, offended, alone, miserable, and so on… LISTEN UP!

“God is going to be telling His great story through us, and as we connect to His kingdom (i.e. seek first the Kingdom of God) it allows Him to rescue and restore our personal story. If your personal story is a mess and seemingly impossible to make beautiful, give yourself to Him as never before and you will find yourself receiving His winds of wonder that will leave you overwhelmed by His goodness.

RESTORE: ‘to return to a person, as a specific thing which he has lost, or which has been taken from him and unjustly detained.’ Sometimes we find ourselves (believers in Jesus Christ, saved by His death, resurrection, and life) being owned by the enemy unjustly with our permission. You may ask, ‘How does this happen?’ It is with our permission through the way we have chosen to live our lives, and it is unjust detention because the mercy of God still abounds! Hallelujah!

“RETURN TO ME!” The Lord is knocking the door of your heart again; this is not because of what your aspirations are, but because of the Lord’s own heart desires for His Kingdom.

Those who have walked righteously will flourish and those who have fallen will rise again! If you can submit to Him, He will restore and have mercy and define who you will be.

2015 is a year for your restoration. Do not look at your inadequacies and failures look at what he Lord is able to do. Believe the saving power and blood of Yeshua still rules! Amen and amen.”


  1. Thank You. There are so many alluring new things on the internet, Weight Loss Buddy, The Law Of Attraction; it was good to come back across The Daily Word of Destiny tonight after feeling not quite with it for a while. I was relieved to find the Words Creator God that jumped out in front of me and the assurance God Can Rewrite Your Story. This reassurance seemed to be just what I needed just when I needed it. Thank You for being here.

  2. Gee it is 9:49 PM here yet it says that my comment was submitted at 5:49. Where are you that there is this amount of time difference?

    • Good day Florence. I am in Kentucky, USA. God knows the time… thank goodness! Blessings sister!

      • That is interesting that there is a 4 hour time difference. I was under the false impression that in the continental US there were only 3 hour differences between the East Coast and the West Coast.

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